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Saddle 120: Jace's Saddle Saddle 119: Mitch's Saddle Saddle 118: Utah Outlaw Saddle 117: Matt's Association
Saddle 116: Greg's Old Timer Saddle 115: Wild Rose Saddle 114: Mule Saddle Saddle 113: Colorado Outlaw
Saddle 112: Buffalo saddle Saddle 111: Oregon Rawhide Saddle 110: Sego Lily Saddle 109: Evan's Barbed Wire
Saddle 108: US Marshal Saddle 107: 1870 - Half Seat Saddle 106: Greenhorn Saddle 105: Half Breed
Saddle 104: Jarred's Roper Saddle 103: Desert Rose Saddle 102: Rocky Mountain Saddle 101: Russ' Maverick

Russell Fawson, skilled craftsman, uses only quality materials to build custom western saddles, holsters, saddlebags, knife scabbards, belts, bridles, breast collars, pommel bags and more. Each hand crafted leather article is custom built for the customer, being personalized it is, by its very nature, one of a kind. Russell really enjoys most creating what the customer wants, not locking them into what he likes.

This is not a saddle, holster or saddlebag factory stamping out large quantities of identical products. Each saddle, holster, saddlebag or other hand crafted item is custom made especially for the customer. Whatever you want; a working cowboy saddle, trail riding saddle, nostalgic old west historical reproduction saddle, or a fancy show saddle, Russ will custom build it for you. He can also create your saddlebags, holsters, rifle scabbards, bridles and any other leather crafted accessory to match your custom saddle.

Browse the saddle photos for some samples of Russ' work. Check out the saddle options, and saddle price list pages, then let Russ know what you would like your next custom saddle to look like.

Russ works with his wife Becky to create beautiful saddle tooling designs. They will create both floral and pictorial saddle tooling designs, for a fully tooled saddle or one with plain or pattern stamp background. You can also have a saddle with a simple or fancy border.

Some saddle options include: Rawhide or leather wrapped saddle horn; Rawhide bead on the saddle gullet; Rawhide or leather wrapped saddle cantle; Straight saddle cantle; Cheyenne roll saddle cantle; Regular saddle fenders; Exposed stirrup strap saddle fenders; Leather wrapped saddle stirrups; Brass covered saddle stirrups; Rawhide wrapped saddle stirrups; In Skirt saddle rigging; Flat Plate saddle rigging; D-ring saddle rigging; O-ring saddle rigging; Dropped O-ring saddle rigging; Saddle tree with slick fork; Saddle tree with swells; Your choice of saddle seat size; Your choice of saddle cantle height; Round saddle skirting; Square saddle skirting; Rounded corners on square saddle skirting; Saddle conchos in brass, nickel or leather; Special engraved silver or brass saddle decoration;

All leather crafted items can be plain or tooled. Tooling includes: simple or fancy border; floral; pictorial or pattern stamped such as basket weave, or any combination of leather tooling designs. Items that can be tooled included but are not limited to: saddles; saddlebags; holsters; knife scabbards; rifle scabbards; rifle cases; pommel bags; belts; bridles; breast collars; knife pouch; concealed weapon holster; spurs, spur straps;

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